Supplier Network

Our extensive network of manufacturing partners spans a wide geographical area and is summarized below:

Luizhou, China - castings, forgings
Changsha, China - stampings, castings
Hangzhou, China - injection molding, castings,
stampings, assemblies, precision turned parts
Tianjin, China - die casting, welded components,
machined parts
Shenzhen, China - machined parts, castings,
assemblies/weldments, molding, mold making,
Xiamen, China - weldments/assemblies,
Dalian, China - large machined castings
Ningbo, China - castings, stampings, machined
parts, molding, thermoforming, moldmaking,
writing instruments, bronze fittings, flexible hoses
Kunshan, China - stampings, castings
Nanjing, China - investment castings
Shanghai, China - stampings, die castings,
molding, mold making, stainless steel products
Dongguan, China - die casting (aluminum, zinc),
sand casting, forging, wooden parts, wire products
Nanhai, China - die casting (aluminum, zinc),
stainless steel products
Guangzhou (Canton), China - sand casting
Humen, China - ceramic parts
Santo (Guangdong), China - ceramic parts
Hong Kong - moldmaking, molding, assemblies
Hyderabad, India - assemblies, plastic molding
Pune, India - castings, forgings
Mysore, India - castings, forgings
Ankara, Turkey - plastic injection molded parts
Taipei, Taiwan - precision turned parts, castings,
Inchon, South Korea - machined castings, welded
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - assemblies/welded
Bangkok, Thailand - castings, forgings, plastic
molded parts
Surabaya, Indonesia - assemblies, stampings
Jakarta, Indonesia - welded components/
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - welded components/