Tooling –
For Domestic Manufacturing or
International Manufacturing

Dalton Consulting Group can supply all types of tooling for producing parts, including:

Injection Molding
Compression Molds
Blow Molds
Structural Foam Molds
Die Casting
Prototype Molds

For tools that are manufactured abroad, any revision or modification work that may be required or desired, can be completed domestically.

Plastic Parts & Metal Parts

We can also manufacture your production parts domestically or internationally.

Parts can be packaged in simple bulk packaging or individually packaged, with custom graphics, clamshell, polybag, blister pack, corrugated box, with required identification such as UPC code, vendor ID, date/time stamp, whatever your requirements may be.

It is critical to understand how parts will “nest” to optimize contents in a shipping container. Our product-loading software insures that we utilize the most efficient package loading possible to minimize the per-part freight cost.

Metal Fabrications

Metal Stamping
High-Speed Machining
Aluminum Extrusion
Metal Casting
Secondary Operations:
(Painting, Assembly, Welding, Packaging)