Contract Manufacturing

Below illustrates the information flow typically required in the Dalton Consulting Group’s contract manufacturing service:

1) Develop RFQ – Our goal is to let our manufacturing partner know exactly what is expected of them. We take either an existing part or design data, along with all technical requirements and schedule parameters, and provide you the most competitive and comprehensive quote.

2) Once a supplier is selected we establish a detailed project timeline. This is updated weekly throughout the course of the project.

3) Establish a QA/QC program - We will put together a quality control plan that will minimize as much risk as possible for your project. This will be tailored to your specific needs. As part of this process, we will submit to you completed part design drawings for approval.

4) Tooling is completed and T-1 samples are provided for approval. Production begins. Once the T-1 samples are approved, production is completed.

5) Shipping - Production is packaged according to the project requirements. Product is then turned over either to the client’s freight forwarder, or delivered to their distribution center or desired location.